What is freedesktop-sdk?

The Freedesktop SDK project is a free and open source project that provides Platform and SDK runtimes for Flatpak apps and runtimes based on Freedesktop modules. It was originally started as a Flatpak subproject to create a basic-neutral runtime. It is now a separate project, similar to what happened with the GNOME and KDE runtimes.

As explained in Alex’s blog post there has long been a desire to upgrade and modernize the SDK, which is where this specific project comes into the story.

This is a diagram of how the Freedeskop SDK runtimes interact with the rest of the Flatpak ecosystem:


Along side Flatpak applications we are exploring how to use runtime in other ways, such as providing a minimal bootable system for anyone to use in their own project and bootable VM images which will use the freedesktop-sdk as a base.

The Freedesktop SDK project is not an endorsement of a particular platform or selection of technologies by the Freedesktop organization. The SDK aims to support a common interoperable platform for projects such as GNOME, KDE and Flatpak by providing integration and validation of a shared set of dependencies.

How can I get involved?

We are active on IRC over at: #freedesktop-sdk on freenode

We have a mailing list here

We are a completely open project and welcome anyone to raise an issue or contribute! You can find our issue tracker here. We welcome anyone to the project, if you can not find an issue please join us on IRC and we will be more than happy to help!