About The Project

The Freedesktop SDK project is a free and open source project that provides Platform and SDK runtimes for Flatpak apps and runtimes based on Freedesktop modules. It was originally started as a Flatpak subproject to create a basic-neutral runtime. It is now a separate project, similar to what happened with the GNOME and KDE runtimes..

Along side Flatpak applications we are exploring how to use runtime in other ways, such as providing a minimal bootable system for anyone to use in their own project and bootable VM images which will use the freedesktop-sdk as a base.

This is a diagram of how the Freedeskop SDK runtimes interact with the rest of the Flatpak ecosystem

The Freedesktop SDK project is not an endorsement of a particular platform or selection of technologies by the Freedesktop organization. The SDK aims to support a common interoperable platform for projects such as GNOME, KDE and Flatpak by providing integration and validation of a shared set of dependencies.


Thanks to our sponsors

We would like to thank our generous sponsors both for their time and resources to help build freedesktop-sdk.

If you would like to help us with sponsorship please contact us on twitter or IRC.


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Codethink provide sponsorship for infrastructure/allocated development time.

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Works On ARM

Works on Arm kindly provide us with access to powerful Arm runners that allows us to build for the Arm architectures.

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OSU Open Source Lab

Osuosl kindly provide us with infrastructure used for building/caching freedesktop-sdk builds.

Get Involved!

We are a group of people who are passionate about the Linux application ecosystem, we work together to deliver a runtime that benefits everyone, if you are passionate and want to get involved please do, if you need help using us, you can also contact us for help!

Any contribution however large or small will be greatly appreciated, documentation/bug reports/feature requests all help!

Where we hang out:

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We chose Gitlab to host our project because it allows us to offer powerful CI to help build/test the projectk

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IRC has been the standard chat protocol for years so we stuck with that, we are on freenode at #freedesktop-sdk

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Mailing List

Mailing lists are a way for people to communicate in the open across different time zones at their leisure.